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Welcome to Gallant Interior Plants

About Us

Gallant Interior Plants is an owner operated full service interior plant maintenance company with over 25 years experience. Gallant Interior Plants was formed in 1995 when the full responsibility for the accounts being serviced for a former employer was taken over by John (Jay) Gallant. Many of those customers are still clients today! We are a progressive open minded company who believes in doing whatever the client needs to enjoy their work environment by enhancing it with plants. No job is too small and every office deserves individual attention. We specialize in consulting with our clients to design a plan to suit their space. We would be pleased to answer any questions about the services we provide or plants in general. Thanks for visiting our new site.

How it works

We would be pleased to provide a no obligation quote after a visit to your office. Just call and we will evaluate your space for light, traffic patterns, colours, and your expectations. As an owner operated company we can easily build a design to meet any budget or individual needs. After our initial visit a detailed quote of number of plants and locations will be provided for your approval.

Please fill out the online form to begin the process and we will contact you to arrange a meeting, or feel free to call. 902-430-5687.

Why Plants?

Studies have proven interior plants improve air quality and aid in noise reduction. This is especially true in todays “open plan” offices. Plants help project an image of success to potential clients visiting your office and show that you care about every detail including the workplace environment. Some studies have even shown increased productivity by employees in offices that include living, well cared for plants.

Let Gallant Interior Plants create that “perfect plantscape” for your business. See why so many clients have chosen Gallant Interior Plants as their plant service provider for over 20 years.

Again we would be delighted to answer any questions you may have, just give us a call.







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